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DaliDahlia tuber Hapet_Fantastic

DeliDahlias: dahlia tubers for gourmets

by Drucilla James

If you’re bored by the usual root vegetables and fancy something a little different to eat, why not try dahlia tubers for a change and get some lovely blooms into the bargain.

insect Hotel
James Wong Flavours (9th June 2014)

Grow for Flavour: James Wong tells how to turbocharge taste

by Rhiannon James

See a strawberry and you might delight in the gleam of its ruby red skin, its evocative perfume or its delicate balance of tartness and sweetness. James Wong on the other hand, will be getting excited about its anthocyanins, volatile molecules and fragrant esthers. And while most of us are really only thinking “Yum!” when […]

daffodils final

Spring clean your garden

by Kate Gould

Small gardens, like small rooms, always look better for being neat and tidy – unless you’re deliberately cultivating the wild look. The problem, of course, is finding the time to keep everything shipshape but luckily with just a few hours of effort in the spring, you can make a big difference to the look of your garden for the rest of the year.

Bradstone Mode Porcelain header

Patio pavers: Bradstone Mode porcelain collection

by Rhiannon James

Achieving a seamless flow between inside and out has always been a bit tricky when it comes to flooring. Most coverings age differently outdoors so even using the same material doesn’t guarantee a perfect match. With its new tougher-than-it-sounds porcelain collection however, Bradstone may have a solution. Available in two different thicknesses for inside and […]

SowHow-three-sets header

SowHow Seeds

by Rhiannon James

If you usually find the instructions on seed packets a little terse then help is at hand. SowHow’s organic seeds come with carefully-designed growing guides which include illustrated harvesting, eating and storing instructions, all in lovely packaging inspired by modernist poster art and book covers.

tom header

Edibles to sow in the urban winter garden

by Tom Moggach

After a mild Christmas and the warmest year on record, it’s no wonder we’re all confused. Will spring come early? Should we still brace ourselves for a cold snap? When should seeds be sown to get a flying start? These are all questions this article will strive to answer, plus you’ll find a handy planting plan for the months ahead.


Square metre gardening

by Lucy Purdy

Short on growing space? London-based gardener and freelance journalist Lucy Purdy explores the art of growing food on a single square metre with author and vegetable gardening enthusiast ,Lolo Houbein.


Plantable Christmas – the gift that grows

by Drucilla James

Rather than the usual throwaway Christmas cards, wrapping paper and decorations, why not give versions that grow this year or send our horticulturally-inspired Christmas cards to encourage budding gardeners.