Patio pavers: Bradstone Mode porcelain collection

by Rhiannon James

Mode paving in Textured Beige

Achieving a seamless flow between inside and out has always been a bit tricky when it comes to flooring. Most coverings age differently outdoors so even using the same material doesn’t guarantee a perfect match. With its new tougher-than-it-sounds porcelain collection however, Bradstone may have a solution. Available in two different thicknesses for inside and out, the Bradstone pavers have been designed to be durable enough to survive the elements unchanged. They also have an anti-slip finish and are stain-resistant and low maintenance.

Although it conjures images of tea cups and tureens, porcelain has been a popular choice for outdoor flooring on the continent for some time. Baking the pavers at 1,400°C for an extended period makes them extremely dense, non-porous and fade-resistant.

The Mode porcelain collection is available in four colours and two different finishes – textured for a more contemporary feel or profiled for a stone-like look. The exterior pavers are 20mm thick and cost £55 to £65 per square metre, while the interior pavers are 10mm thick and available on a made-to-order basis, price available on request.

Also available from Bradstone this year is Grand Natural Sandstone Paving – ultra-large sandstone pavers, measuring up to 1250mm x 750mm, and Blended Natural Sandstone Kits which provide a more economical option for natural paving.

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