One Hour Projects

Hanging Planter DIY

by Rhiannon James

Classic macramé plant hangers are firmly back in fashion and are perfect for people who are short on surface space. Stylist Joanna Thornhill, author of Home For Now: Making your rented space or first house beautiful shows how cheap and easy it is to make your own with this simple project using standard garden twine.

How to make a living salad wall


This growing project is a fantastic way to harvest lots of salad crops from a tiny space such as a balcony or roof terrace, says Alex Mitchell, author of new book Gardening on a Shoestring.

Evergreen shrubs: create a variegated container for winter

by Drucilla James

At this time of year balconies, patios and front porches can often appear dull and bare, adorned only with planters displaying the bedraggled remnants of summer’s glory or the odd forlorn conifer.Why not plant up a container with variegated evergreens to lend vibrant colour to your garden space in these dreary winter months. You can even add a touch of delicious scent too.

Homemade beauty from the garden: a blackberry and apple face mask


This season we are focusing on juicy, fragrant blackberries and tart, crisp apples says clinical aromatherapist and natural perfumer Tanya Moulding.

As October and late autumn draws in, I think of fruity crumbles, cobblers and compotes- hearty, comforting desserts which have some therapeutic virtue – the fruits are rich in vitamins, fibre and antioxidants! So once you have fed your waistline and your soul, why not feed your skin (and face in a different way) with any leftover fruit.

Carnivorous plants take their place at the table

by Drucilla James

With sunny days still with us, it’s a joy to eat with windows and doors wide open or even better to dine in the garden – as long as we don’t have to fight off the troublesome insects that being in the open can bring. A centrepiece of insect-eating plants can achieve a modicum of revenge and create a conversation starter, although their eating habits are no way to behave at the table.

Sensitive plants: who says plants don’t have feelings?

by Drucilla James

The sensitive plant, Mimosa pudica, is a hit with children of any age thanks to its intriguing ability to move its leaves. When touched, even by water, the leaves fold up and the stems droop. The plant has no muscles, so how does it do it and why? There is so much for children to learn from these fascinating plants and they’re easy to grow, inexpensive and safe (just watch out for the small thorns that appear as they mature).

Christmas decorations to make: a festive window box

by Rhiannon James

Giving the front of your house or flat a festive feel will spread Christmas cheer right down the street. Anything from a simple wreath to a light extravaganza will add some sparkle, or you could create this window box which will shine both by day and by night.

Make your own Christmas gifts: herbal hangover kit

by Rhiannon James

What greater gift could you give anyone at Christmas than a potential free pass to enjoy the excesses of the season? Lucky recipients of this present can put aside the paracetamol and try out some of the weird and wonderful herbal helpers used by boozers across the ages.

Fruit Cocktails: the summer harvest shaken, not stirred

by Emma Cooper

There’s still plenty left to celebrate this summer, not least the long-awaited luxury of eating garden-grown strawberries, raspberries and other soft fruits. So save some of this summer swag from the dessert bowl and mix it with syrups and spirits to create the perfect garden party tipples.

Make a lantern for tea lights

by Rhiannon James

When summer finally arrives, there’s nothing more delicious than sitting outside as darkness falls. Perhaps it’s because the heat feels excitingly exotic; or maybe it’s the overheard murmurs and music that tell you other people are enjoying it too or perhaps it’s just that everything seems in sync under the stars. Whatever it is, candlelight is an essential part of the magic, and for that, you need lanterns.