Hanging Planter DIY

by Rhiannon James

Classic macramé plant hangers are firmly back in fashion and are perfect for people who are short on surface space. Stylist Joanna Thornhill, author of Home For Now: Making your rented space or first house beautiful shows how cheap and easy it is to make your own with this simple project using standard garden twine.

How to make a living salad wall


This growing project is a fantastic way to harvest lots of salad crops from a tiny space such as a balcony or roof terrace, says Alex Mitchell, author of new book Gardening on a Shoestring.

Make a Bulb Lasagne


As summer and early autumn blooms begin to fade, Thomas Broom, Petersham Nurseries’ Horticultural Manager, shows us how to refresh our pots and planters to give interest through till spring.

Make a hypertufa or clay sculpture for the garden

by Drucilla James

Sculptures can add extra points of interest to the garden. With simple ingredients, you can easily make your own hypertufa to produce features which are lighter in weight than concrete and easily swapped around to create a change of scene.

Make a moss sculpture

by Drucilla James

Why not try making a living sculpture from moss to add something a little different to your garden. While we tried out rabbit modelling you can create any shape that takes your fancy and get the kids involved too.

Shady business: a container garden for a dark corner

by Drucilla James

Town gardens can often be rather gloomy, overshadowed as they are by neighbouring houses, trees and boundary screens. And they’re positively dazzling compared to the dim and dingy corners such as light wells, passageways and basements that could often become verdant hideaways with the addition of just a few plants. So brighten up your dark corners with sparkling container gardens filled with shade-loving plants.

Create a colourful Easter egg tree

by Drucilla James

If you want to steer clear of chocolate this year, why not decorate some eggs instead and create an Easter tree. It can be great fun for all the family.

Terraria – create your own miniature gardens

by Drucilla James

If your garden is water-logged or if you have no outdoor gardening space then now would be a good time to get into indoor gardening.

The terrarium, beloved by the Victorians, is making a come-back and presents the ideal opportunity to create the garden of your dreams and tend it without having to put on your wellies and polar outfit to withstand the winter chill outdoors.

Evergreen shrubs: create a variegated container for winter

by Drucilla James

At this time of year balconies, patios and front porches can often appear dull and bare, adorned only with planters displaying the bedraggled remnants of summer’s glory or the odd forlorn conifer.Why not plant up a container with variegated evergreens to lend vibrant colour to your garden space in these dreary winter months. You can even add a touch of delicious scent too.

Make a Christmas pedestal for indoors or out

by Drucilla James

For a different approach to Christmas decoration this year, our pedestal arrangement will at a stroke transform a room or garden into a festive space.