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window box

Window boxes

by Rhiannon James

Finding the right container is key to creating a sensational window box display – we’ve picked our favourites.

a window box from below credit Sarah Richter

Window box plants

by Rhiannon James

Whether you have space outdoors or not, the one garden you can almost always enjoy is a window box. Outside, window boxes will transform the look of your house and welcome you home every evening with a fanfare of flowers. Inside, they can create a herb garden in your kitchen or a jungle in your hall. Our experts share their favourite window box combinations.


Chelsea Flower Show 2015: city garden inspiration

by Rhiannon James

A design for a rather larger-than-average back garden, in the shape of Dan Pearson’s showpiece for Chatsworth, might be dominating the headlines at Chelsea but there are still some exciting ideas for urban gardens at this year’s show.

Newquay Community Orchard header

Community garden set to wow south west

by Alice Wright

A large-scale community growing space in Cornwall aims to provide a model for urban biodiversity, community involvement and education


Indoor plants: house takeover

by Rhiannon James

What do you get when you let a bunch of stylists take over an empty house armed with an unlimited supply of greenery? Green Open House saw an unsuspecting north London terrace transformed from top to bottom with plants.


Rock garden revival


If macramé hangers and spider plants have made it back into our houses then rock gardens are definitely due a revival outdoors. They look good everywhere from a pot to a sizeable patch; they’re low-maintenance; look great all year round and now, with the arrival of crevice gardens, it’s easy to give them a cool, contemporary look. Stella Rankin, of Kevock Garden Plants, a specialist in rare and unusual alpine plants, explains how to create a garden that rocks.


Shrubs for small gardens


After a love affair with perennials spanning two decades, there are signs that designers are flirting with shrubs again. In small gardens, of course, where great form and multiple seasons of interest are a must, they’ve always been a fixture, but it’s nice to know they’re now voguish as well as valuable. Bluebell Arboretum and […]

plant labels_2 header

Gardening gifts

by Drucilla James

Present inspiration, from quirky stocking-fillers to life’s little luxuries, for the gardeners in your life.


The Yeo Valley Organic Garden

by Abigail Willis

As the UK’s only Soil Association accredited ornamental garden, the Yeo Valley Garden is a standard bearer for organic gardening. But if the adjective ‘organic’ attached to the word ‘garden’ conjures worthy images of over-abundant weeds, undernourished plants and lacklustre design think again. Set in the Mendip Hills, overlooking the valley that gave its name to the eponymous organic dairy brand, this 6.5 acre garden is proof that organic cultivation need not preclude ambitious design, a diverse and thriving plantscape, or a sense of humour.


Avondale Nursery:Plants for city gardens

by Drucilla James

Avondale Nursery specialises in unusual perennials and grasses together with ferns and bamboos, and features The Library Garden alongside its plant sales area. As you would expect with a library, the garden’s collection is meticulously labelled and catalogued, but beyond that, the colours of these living leaves are mixed and graduated with a painter’s eye – unsurprising when you find that, before they created this nursery, Brian Ellis and his wife Steph worked in art and printed textiles.