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Rock garden revival


If macramé hangers and spider plants have made it back into our houses then rock gardens are definitely due a revival outdoors. They look good everywhere from a pot to a sizeable patch; they’re low-maintenance; look great all year round and now, with the arrival of crevice gardens, it’s easy to give them a cool, contemporary look. Stella Rankin, of Kevock Garden Plants, a specialist in rare and unusual alpine plants, explains how to create a garden that rocks.

James Wong Flavours (9th June 2014)

Grow for Flavour: James Wong tells how to turbocharge taste

by Rhiannon James

See a strawberry and you might delight in the gleam of its ruby red skin, its evocative perfume or its delicate balance of tartness and sweetness. James Wong on the other hand, will be getting excited about its anthocyanins, volatile molecules and fragrant esthers. And while most of us are really only thinking “Yum!” when […]

daffodils final

Spring clean your garden

by Kate Gould

Small gardens, like small rooms, always look better for being neat and tidy – unless you’re deliberately cultivating the wild look. The problem, of course, is finding the time to keep everything shipshape but luckily with just a few hours of effort in the spring, you can make a big difference to the look of your garden for the rest of the year.

Broussonetia papyrifera c Toby Glanville

World Woodland Garden opens

by Alice Wright

The World Woodland Garden will open at Chelsea Physic Garden tomorrow, celebrating forest environments around the world and the useful plants they produce.

Tale of Two Cities Grow Wild project
Queen Elizabeth Olypmic Park orchard
moss photography

London’s first moss trail launched

by Alice Wright

The South London Botanical Institute (SLBI) has launched London’s first trail dedicated to mosses and liverworts.

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Slow fashion: a top sown and sewn in London

by Rhiannon James

More than 300 people, including schoolchildren, community groups, gardeners and craftspeople have been working together for nearly a year to create a garment sown, grown, dyed and spun entirely in London


Urban gulls get hooked on carbs

by Rhiannon James

Gulls are learning to fill up on carbs and other human foods as a result of living in cities, a new study has found.

The ISS header

RHS to send rocket to space

by Rhiannon James

School children are to get the chance to grow space food thanks to a Royal Horticultural Society project to send rocket seeds to the International Space Station.

Ryton Gardens

Garden Organic outsources growing

by Rhiannon James

Garden Organic, the organic growing charity, has outsourced the maintenance of its flagship garden and transferred its research arm to a university.

Genetic garden header

Food security theme for show garden

by Rhiannon James

A garden promoting the conservation of the wild relatives of major food crops to ensure future food security is in need of sponsorship.

gibside bricks

Gardening events this week

by Drucilla James

With expert advice from Raymond Blanc, a new take on the lambing season with celebrity Shaun the Sheep, and opportunities for planting and buying, and even for producing your own seasonal tonic, spring, it seems, has definitely sprung.


Shrubs for small gardens


After a love affair with perennials spanning two decades, there are signs that designers are flirting with shrubs again. In small gardens, of course, where great form and multiple seasons of interest are a must, they’ve always been a fixture, but it’s nice to know they’re now voguish as well as valuable. Bluebell Arboretum and […]

Horticultural therapist Zisky working with veterans on raised beds header

Horticultural therapy; healing the scars of war

by Lucy Purdy

Gardening Leave helps the estimated 20 per cent of veterans who carry a mental wound – damage which needs healing as urgently as any physical injury. They help veterans of all ages, but usually between 37 and 42, who have returned from conflicts in places such as Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Bosnia and Iraq.

Bradstone Mode Porcelain header

Patio pavers: Bradstone Mode porcelain collection

by Rhiannon James

Achieving a seamless flow between inside and out has always been a bit tricky when it comes to flooring. Most coverings age differently outdoors so even using the same material doesn’t guarantee a perfect match. With its new tougher-than-it-sounds porcelain collection however, Bradstone may have a solution. Available in two different thicknesses for inside and […]

SowHow-three-sets header

SowHow Seeds

by Rhiannon James

If you usually find the instructions on seed packets a little terse then help is at hand. SowHow’s organic seeds come with carefully-designed growing guides which include illustrated harvesting, eating and storing instructions, all in lovely packaging inspired by modernist poster art and book covers.