SowHow Seeds

by Rhiannon James

If you usually find the instructions on seed packets a little terse then help is at hand. SowHow’s organic seeds come with carefully-designed growing guides which include illustrated harvesting, eating and storing instructions, all in lovely packaging inspired by modernist poster art and book covers.

“As a designer and allotment plot holder, I felt there was an opportunity to do something different with the way veg seeds were packaged,” says Bristol-based Paul Matson. “Many vegetable seed packets cram growing information into a small place on the back of the packet and, while this is fine for experienced gardeners who know what they’re doing, most people need a little bit more support when starting out.”

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In addition to individual varieties, there are currently three sets available containing three different veg, which are all ideal for urban gardeners: Perfect for Pots, Vertical Vegetables and Simply Roots which includes beetroot, carrot and radish that are all suitable for growing in containers.

The sets cost £8.40 to £8.60 while individual varieties are between £2.80 and £3. All are available from

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