The Tree Council invites us to gather ye tree seeds


Image: Till Westermeyer

At a time when our trees are being hit by pests and diseases, The Tree Council is encouraging local communities to collect and plant the ripening seed crop from our parks, hedgerows and streets to grow new trees to replace them.

‘Seed Gathering Season’ announced by the UK’s lead charity for trees, runs from 23rd September to 23rd October and seeks to mobilise the 90% of the population now living in towns and cities to improve their neighbourhoods by growing local tree species.

And the rewards need not be just for the long-term, there will also be the more immediate pleasures of cooking and eating some of the fruits of our labours as Pauline Buchanan Black Director-General of The Tree Council explains:

“From classes on what and where to pick, to foraging walks and ideas on how to transform what is collected into jams, jellies and other treats, we aim to inspire people to enthuse their friends, neighbours and local community to grow a more favourable environment for people and trees.”

If you want to make sure you are collecting the right things, there are planned events by The Tree Council to help you, alongside advice on how to get your community involved.

For tips on how to grow the trees, check out the Council’s publications ‘The Good Seed Guide’ £4 or their ‘Trees and How to Grow Them’ £10.

Books and information about events and resources are available from The Tree Council

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