Caring For Your Garden

Spring clean your garden

by Kate Gould

Small gardens, like small rooms, always look better for being neat and tidy – unless you’re deliberately cultivating the wild look. The problem, of course, is finding the time to keep everything shipshape but luckily with just a few hours of effort in the spring, you can make a big difference to the look of your garden for the rest of the year.

Garden ponds in the city


Whilst small spaces do not readily lend themselves to water features and ponds, there are ways to create a space with water. City gardens are not just a little bit of calm in an otherwise manic world, but are also great for introducing wildlife, and ponds are no exception to this.

Garden plant care: Stayin’ Alive 2

by Drucilla James

We take a trip to the nursery or garden centre and return home with booty which promises to transform our garden spaces. Full of good intentions, but too busy to check, the next time we look at our plants, we find them at their last gasp and requiring resuscitation. Before last rites are performed, we explain how to care for distressed plants and bring them back to life and suggest some simple procedures to reduce casualties in the future.

Wild Food by Roger Phillips

by Rhiannon James

Roger Phillips should have grown up hating foraging. As a boy during the war, he was sent to the safety of Hertfordshire, and one of his duties at his village school, as food was short, was to pick nettle tops every morning to be boiled by the cook for lunch. “There were lots of babies and our job as the older children, being six or seven, was to feed them the nettle pulp. It wasn’t flavoured or anything so the babies weren’t necessarily all that keen on it and usually blew it straight back into our faces,” he recalls. Not the most inspirational of starts and yet he has gone on to become one of Britain’s leading experts on mushrooms and wild food in general.

Planning your plot


Advertisement feature by Westbury Garden Rooms, Essex-based builders of bespoke garden rooms, orangeries, pool houses and roof lanterns, founded over 25 years ago, who share tips on how to plan gardens worth looking at from their rooms with a view.

A make-over for pots and containers

by Drucilla James

The path of container gardening is paved with good intentions. It begins with gleaming specimens in shiny pots, but a walk down any street too often reveals only desiccated, overgrown and weather-beaten remnants of those former splendours. So here’s how to give your neglected pots a beauty overhaul to get them back in shape and set up good routines for the future.

Border Designs


Got a bit of garden as bare as a dieter’s fridge and wanting to transform it into a stunning border? Here Lucy Summers tells you how to plan, prepare and create a border that will fill you with the joys of spring.

Christmas Gifts for the Practical Gardener

by Emma Cooper

It’s that time of the year again, when we do our best to buy the perfect gift for our green-fingered loved ones. In theory it’s easy to buy gifts for gardeners – we know they like plants and wellies. In practice it’s a little more tricky, as new plants may not be the right fit for the garden, and another trowel may not be required. Here are a few ideas if you’re struggling to shop for those who grow.

Weeds and what to do about them in winter

by Emma Cooper

The war against weeds isn’t one that can be won, but now that winter is here there’s plenty that you can do to avoid having major problems – or spending hours weeding – next year.

Square foot gardening: go figure!

by Emma Cooper

Square Foot Gardening is a set of techniques for creating and maintaining a productive vegetable garden in a small space, without it being labour intensive.It’s a perennial favourite because it makes growing your own as simple as possible especially for new gardeners.