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Caring For Your Garden

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Water-wise gardening -from drought to downpour


It seems there’s no such thing as perfect weather for gardeners. When the sun comes out, we worry that the plants aren’t getting enough water, and get aching backs from hefting the watering can around. When the heavens open, we worry about waterlogged soil and the run-off leaching all of the nutrients away. However, the way we manage our garden can really make a difference to how it uses and stores water, and this will make our lives easier into the bargain.


Bees:planting to support pollinators


These days almost everyone is aware of the challenges faced by bees; these include threats from pesticides, exotic pests and diseases such as the varroa mite, and habitat loss and fragmentation caused by urban development.


How to make fertilizer

by Emma Cooper

We expect a lot from our gardens, and in vegetable patches or cutting gardens, we take a lot out. To keep beds and borders blooming, we need to feed the plants or the soil but there’s no need to resort to commercial fertilisers – you can easily make your own.


When to plant: trees, shrubs and climbers

by Rhiannon James

Struggling with timing of tree planting and scheduling of shrubs? Use our guide below to get your plants in the ground at the right time each year.


When to plant: perennials

by Rhiannon James

If you’re confused about when to plant perennials, fear not, our chart will tell you when to drop them in and when to expect blooms!


When to plant: bulbs, corms and tubers

by Rhiannon James

Unsure about planting and flowering times of bulbs, corms and tubers? Our chart guides you through every month of the year, when to plant and when to expect flowers.


When to plant: fruit

by Rhiannon James

Not sure when to plant a peach or put in a pear? All you need is this handy chart!


Hellebore How To: they’re heaven for city gardens


Hellebores can be a great choice for city gardens: they thrive in sheltered, shady spots; their long-lasting flowers shine through the winter gloom and they’re even lovely indoors –float the blooms in a bowl of water. Philip Baulk from award-winning specialist Ashwood Nurseries explains how to get more from hellebores.


How to grow bulbs


The season for planting spring bulbs is about to begin and for the secrets of a brilliant display, who better to ask than Chris Ireland-Jones, owner of Avon Bulbs, who has notched up an impressive 25 gold medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


Take a break: holiday care for the garden

by Emma Cooper

Once summer arrives, most gardeners are torn between tending their plants through the growing season and heading off for a couple of weeks of R&R while the weather’s nice. Spend a little bit of time on preparation though and you might just be able to have the best of both worlds: a relaxing holiday and a garden that looks like you never went away.