Johnsons World Botanics Seed Range


If you would like to add a touch of the exotic to your flower borders and help conserve threatened plants at the same time then you might take a look at Johnsons World Botanics seed range now endorsed by Plant Heritage, the leading plant conservation charity.

The World Botanics range has been extended to a collection of 66 often unusual flowers from around the globe, including new for this year, Amberboa ‘Desert Star’ with purple spiky flowers and a pink Persian Cornflower both of which are good for attracting pollinators.

In the case of one of the varieties –Lathyrus ‘Pink Pearl’ a perennial sweet pea –for every packet sold by Johnsons, 25p will be donated to Plant Heritage’s Threatened Plants Appeal which seeks to safeguard rare cultivated plants for the future.

Packets in the range are priced from £2.10. 

Johnsons has also increased the number of varieties it offers in its complementary World Kitchen vegetable seed range for this season.

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