Plant-O-Mats from Suttons Seeds


Plant-O-Mat Balcony

Looking ahead, should your thoughts turn to producing labour-saving bulb displays for spring colour, then these new Plant-o-Mats from Suttons Seeds could be the ideal answer.

The 100% bio-degradeable mats, with bulbs sitting like eggs in egg boxes, simply have to be laid on soil or compost, covered, watered and then left to grow. With no worries about planting distances and planning most effective plant combinations, these mats are  literally dig, drop and done.

With three Plant-O-Mats to choose from there should be something to suit any garden space.

Plant-O-Mat Classic is designed for beds and borders. You can choose a combination of either Triumph tulips with grape hyacinths or ‘Tete a Tete’ daffodils mixed with purple Crocus. Both 38cm diameter mats contain 45 bulbs, flower from February to April and cost £10.99.

The more varied Plant-O-Mat Balcony with its dwarf variety selection is perfect for balcony containers. Your dwarf daffodils and varieties of dwarf yellow and red tulips can come combined with purple crocus, iris and grape hyacinths or with purple and yellow crocuses.  These 55cm length mats contain 38 bulbs to flower from February to April and again cost £10.99


Plant-O-Mats Classic and Patio

Plant-O-Mat Patio, as the name suggests, provides something for the patio, offering combinations of dwarf orange tulips with daffodils or a dramatic combination of black tulips with the dwarf yellow and white Tulipa ‘Tarda’. With 19 bulbs in each 24cm mat, they cost £8.99 and flower as above.

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