DeliDahlias: dahlia tubers for gourmets

by Drucilla James

DeliDahlia Hapet Fantastic

If you’re bored by the usual root vegetables and fancy something a little different to eat, why not try dahlia tubers for a change and get some lovely blooms into the bargain.

Inspired by the ancient Aztecs who used them as a staple food, Swiss fruit and berry plant breeders Lubera have selected what they consider to be the six tastiest dahlia tubers for you to try – three are ideal for container growing.

With intense and different flavours, reminiscent of salsify, celery, parsley, asparagus or fennel, the tubers can be ordered now for delivery in May. Then you can simply plant them in the garden or in containers and following a colourful flower display, dig up your tuber vegetable crop in the autumn.

Lubera have found that the yummiest tubers are the outer, fatter ones. These can be peeled and cooked like potatoes to accompany a meal and tantalise the taste buds of dinner guests.

You can even overwinter the remaining tubers to replant the following spring.

Each of the six gourmet dahlias costs £4.90 for a young plant in a 1.3 litre container.

DeliDahlias are available from

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