Pyramid Insect Hotel and Bee & Bug Biome: Wildlife World

by Drucilla James

Pyramid Insect Hotel and Bee & Bug Diome

The large new insect hotels from Wildlife World offer 5-star accommodation for a range of insects and make attractive garden sculptures into the bargain.

The mighty Pyramid Insect Hotel features a variety of habitats to attract different creepy-crawly garden guests including a butterfly feeding station; overwintering chambers for insects and butterflies; solitary bee nests and viewing chamber; and a litter- critter area for ground insects like millipedes and wood lice and also worms. There is a solar light to attract nocturnal visitors too .

Price: £747.99

The Bee and Bug Diome (large) designed to provide a complete habitat for pollinators and predator-control insects such as solitary bees, ladybirds and lacewings, was originally a smaller affair, but due to public demand is now being developed into a more imposing residence.

Look out for forthcoming details on the website below:

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