Growing under glass: plants go undercover

by Drucilla James

Growing plants under glass protects them from  weather, be it gale, ice, drought or deluge, and provides the ideal microclimate to start them off well and extend their growing season, as  well as generating some extra garden space. From tiny cubes to garden houses, here is our selection of the best for small gardens.

Terraria and glass domes

indoor underglass

  1. Terrarium dome planter by Henry’s Future £38 from,  
  2. Herbal greenhouse, glass cover on a ceramic base £57 from Manufactum,
  3. Bobo mini glass cloche £18 from Rowen & Wren,
  4. A Pause for Thought head –shaped terrarium with flowering shrub £95 from The Balcony Gardener,
  5. A Long Way to Ride terrarium £180 from The Balcony Gardener,
  6. Grow a message beans talk pod – grow beans which pop up a special message £12.99 from Bouf,
  7. Hand-blown glass snail vase terrarium with moss ball and shells £20 by Bonnie and Bell from, 
  8. Cube terrarium £39 from West Elm,



  1. Three funky propagator pods designed  to sit on a windowsill  £18.99 from Bouf,
  2. Chilli garden gift hamper by Garden Gear £35 from, 
  3. Sowing, potting and propagation set £17.99 from Bouf,
  4. Grow your own sun tunnel and seedling tray £20 from Dobbies stockists
  5. Vitopod heated propagator small 39 x 50cm £165.95 from The Worm that Turned,

Plant cloches


  1. Aluminium lidded cloche £89.99 from Crocus,
  2. Classic glass bell cloche £14.99 from Crocus,
  3. Victorian style cloche  £149.99 from Crocus,
  4. Victorian glass bell jar £26.99 from Garden Beet,
  5. Verve vented bell cloche pack of 3 £9.98 from B&Q,
  6. Lily cloche small £39.99 from Crocus,

Cold frames

cold frames_edited-1

  1. Trough and cold frame planter from the new ‘Accessible Gardening’ range £224.99 from Bents Garden and Home,
  2. Glass and steel indoor greenhouse 15.5 x 27cm in a small format designed to sit on a window seat £19.50 from Manufactum,
  3. Living Larder cold frame 60 x 120 cm perfect for a small garden £395 from Sparrow & Finch,
  4. Lacewing double lid wooden cold frame 3’ 3” x 2’ 1” £54.95 from Primrose,
  5. Wooden cold frame 1000mm x 650mm with twin polycarbonate glazing £59.99 from Crocus,
  6. Essential grow house  cloche 90 x 28 cm £30 from Dobbies,

Grow houses, green houses and garden houses

grow houses_edited-1

  1. Lacewing double door wooden cold frame grow house 2’ 6” x 1’ 10” £59.99 from Primrose,
  2. Three tier eucalyptus grow house folding plant house 60 x 50 x 120 cm £349.99 from Crocus,
  3. Garden storage mini greenhouse 80 x 60 x 60 £220 from Store,
  4. Silver frame grow station workbench, greenhouse and storage unit 0.55 x 0.22 x 0.46m £119.98 from B&Q,
  5. Lean-to mini greenhouse and base for balconies and patios 1.65 x 0.68 x 1.29m £129.98 from B&Q,
  6. Double-fronted eucalyptus grow house 119 x 59 x 80cm £349.99 from Crocus,
  7. Forest glass house 290 x 281 x 246 £3298 from Bents, – a bit of an indulgence this one.

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