Deck the Garden

by Drucilla James

Christmas tealights from Retreat Home,

Gladden the eyes of passers-by and welcome in your guests with these Christmas decorations for the outdoors.

The holly and the ivy: Wreaths


  1. Large silk flower wreath £79.99 from Burford,
  2. Gisela Graham large white glitter berry wreath £29 from The Contemporary Home,
  3. Premium red berry and pine cone wreath £50 from John Lewis,
  4. White Christmas fresh wreath £59 from Velvet Brown,
  5. Heart twig wreath £75 from Cox & Cox ,  
  6. Crystal light garland £25 from Cox & Cox,
  7. Handmade yarn Christmas wreath by Paper Beagle £14.95 from Not on the high street,
  8. Merry Christmas wreath wall sticker by Sirface Graphics £32.75 from Not on the high street,

Torches, torches, run with torches: Lanterns and candle holders


  1. Menu fire hurricane candle holder £29 from Hus & Hem,
  2. Dobbies silver rope lantern £25 from Tesco,
  3. Large geo lantern £21.99 from Crocus,
  4. Kashmir lantern £11.99 from Crocus,
  5. Glass and stainless steel oil lamp £39.75 from Bouf,
  6. 3 Star T-lights £6.95 from Karenza & Co,

In thy dark streets shineth: Fairy lights


light strings_edited-1

  1. Thor linen outdoor-indoor lights £174 from Rowen & Wren,
  2. Outdoor LED novelty garland Christmas line lights £30 from John Lewis,
  3. Outdoor/indoor red berry lights 120 LED lights £39.99 from Crocus,
  4. Folie outdoor LED fairy lights £35 from Habitat,
  5. Strala light chain 48 snowflakes £18 from Ikea,  
  6. Bollo colour-changing LED outdoor fairy lights £35 from Habitat,

Brightly shone: Decorations with lights

3d lit bigger_edited-1

  1. Outdoor star light white £129.99 from Crocus,
  2. Lighted LED brown sphere, illuminated outdoor rattan globe £59 from The Worm that Turned,
  3. Acrylic snow ball outdoor LED light small £28 from John Lewis,  
  4. Outdoor pre-lit blossom Christmas tree £150 from John Lewis,
  5. LED blossom tree £199 from Dobbies,
  6. Indoor/outdoor twig Christmas tree branch light, green £30 from John Lewis,  

Oh tidings of comfort and joy: Decorations

unlit sculpture_edited-1

  1. Large rusty reindeer by The Wedding of My Dreams £35 from Not on the high street,
  2. Concrete giant wall hanging angel wings £140 from Rockett St. George
  3. Swagged roundel £272 from Haddonstone,       
  4. Vintage metal star white £39 from Rockett St. George,
  5. Wooden stag’s head Christmas decoration by My Baboo £5.95 from Not on the high street,
  6. Whimsical willow deer £45 from Cox & Cox  

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