Container gardening: first find your container

by Drucilla James

Courtyard Gardening

The must-have for urban gardening, there’s a container for whatever style of garden you favour. We suggest some less run-of-the-mill city planters to lend pizazz to your space.

Indoor gardening

indoor planters px

  1. Boskke Cube, transparent self –watering pot only needs topping up once a month and allows you to see the mechanics of plant growth, £29.95 from  Boskke,
  2. Plaster Accuvase planter £30 from Between Dog and Wolf,
  3. Bevin beech based domes to show off treasured houseplants, largest £42 from Rowen & Wren,
  4. Window pot with sloping base to catch the city light £20 from Bouf , 
  5. Botanique plant pot – blue with vintage finish £17.95  from Nordic House
  6. Eva self-watering orchid barrel pot £50 from John Lewis ,  
  7. Normann Copenhagen herb stand and scissors £30 from John Lewis, 
  8. Living wall planter with its own self-watering tank from Woolly Pocket £22.95 from Garden Beet,

Designer gardening

Modern outdoors px

  1. Japan planters , two square, long and tall planters available tall £420, small square £260 from Go Modern,
  2. Lisbon tall lightweight pot £124.99 to £309.99 from Crocus,
  3. New Wave planters by Serralunga large £599 from Bright Green,
  4. Stadia fibreglass garden planter £159 from Ingarden,
  5. Smania Cachepot white and teak planters from £700 to £885 from Go Modern,
  6. Bright orange cubed weatherproof garden planter £19 from Ingarden,
  7. Tapered terrazzo effect tall planter £35 from Ingarden,
  8. Chalice planter £395 from Haddonstone,

Space-strapped gardening

dual purpose px

To optimise the use of space these planters also function as something else – be it painting or sculpture, table, light or waterfall.

  1. Garden party high table with integrated flowerpot by Qui est Paul? £1259 from Made in Design
  2. Small rectangular planter waterfall cascade with LED lights £199.95 from Primrose,
  3. Elephant planter with hand modelling  and unique detailing £310 from Whichford Pottery,
  4. Vas Lit planter by Serralunga (requires mains electricity supply) smallest £379 from Bright Green,
  5. Illuminated outdoor light planter by Jusi Colour £329 from,
  6. Living art frame by Cockburn Engineering £75 from,

Vertical gardening and a touch of rock gardening too

standing collection_edited-1 px

  1. Plant stand with three plant pots £30 from Ikea,
  2. Dedon Green wall horizontal including ceramic pots by Jean Marie Massaud from Dedon stockists,
  3. Metal plant screen £140 from Next ,  
  4. Rock garden planter £99.95 from Barbed,
  5. Three drainpipe plant pots for fixing up your drainpipe, balcony railing or gate post £13 from Store: A place for Everything ,
  6. Grange Stepla wooden step planter £75 from Heritage Gardens,
  7. Mini-garden £31.99 from Garden Beet,
  8. Garden wall window box – stackable Viteo £87.90 from Made in Design,  

Hanging gardens

Hanging gardens px

  1. Etcetera window box – vegetable screen- Compagnie for indoors £146 from Made in Design,
  2. Ceramic mini hanging planter (range of different faces)for small plants by Jo Luckstead Ceramics £29.50 from,
  3. Ceramic hanging garden planter with floral design £14.99 each from,
  4. Fibreglass hanging basket conical shape with chain £55 from Ingarden, 

Vegetable gardening

Vegetable gardening px

  1. Pea and bean patio planter £5.95 from The Balcony Gardener,
  2. Veg patch bag with 16 slots 165 euros from Cachette,
  3. Gutterpipe planters set of 3 £9.95 from Sarah Raven,
  4. Set of four sweet pea frames  £80 from Cox & Cox

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