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Growing from seed: sowing kit

by Drucilla James

Beech dibber crocus px

Beech Dibber £5.99 from Crocus,

Scoops, sporks, sprakes, swoes and wrotters – gardening has a language all of its own when it comes to describing the tools of the trade. Here are some suggested seed-sowing tools, from dibbers to twine dollies, to make the growing easier this spring.

Dibbers, widgers and tampers

Tampers and dibbers_edited-3 px

  1. Ash wood garden dibber £24.50 from Manufactum
  2. Stainless steel planting dibber £14.95 from Greenhouse Sensation
  3. Round pot tamper £6.95 from Burgon & Ball,
  4. Seed sowing square tamper £6.95 from Greenhouse Sensation,   
  5. Widger, dibber and label set £1.99 from Bents Garden &  Home,
  6. Burgon & Ball widger  £9.99 from Garden Divas,


seed supporters_edited-3 px

  1. Seed shaker £8.95 from Sarah Raven
  2. Seed sowing hopper £27 from Greenhouse Sensation,   
  3. Harvest seed storage tin £50 from Clare Loves,
  4. Wooden seed box £30 from Manufactum,
  5. Wooden seed tray set £11.95 from Burgon & Ball,
  6. Original roottrainer set £9.95 from Sarah Raven,
  7. Pro-seeder for sowing £15.95 from Thompson & Morgan,

Potting up and potting on

potting on_edited-1 px

  1. Elho green basic grow pot £3.99 from Bents Garden &  Home,
  2. Bell boys, set of six, £15.99 from Thompson & Morgan,
  3. Pot brush £10.99 from Crocus,
  4. Stainless compost scoop £12.95 from Burgon & Ball,
  5. Hand shovel £11.50 from Manufactum
  6. Transplanter £9.95 from Greenhouse Sensation,   
  7. Ladies potting sieve £16.95 from Annabel James
  8. Ladies compost scoop £16.95 from Annabel James
  9. Ash-handled potting trowel £30 from Burford,

Labelling up and marking out

mark it and label it_edited-4 px

  1. The sharpening stone by Kennebec Forge £123 from Bouf,
  2. Garden twine dispenser by Country Garden Gifts £9.99 from notonthehighstreet,
  3. Bakers twine dolly by Stitchkits £12.50 from notonthehighstreet,
  4. Twine and dibber set by Garden & Home £18.99 from Bouf,
  5. Galvanised steel nameplates set of 5 £10.50 from Manufactum
  6. Plant label for the ground £9.59 from Garden Beet,
  7. Veggie Stikks garden labels £8.95 from Garden Divas,
  8. 5 slate nameplates £12.50 from Manufactum

Watering and then sitting back

Water it and rest_edited-1

  1. Orla Kiely watering can £39.99 from,
  2. Keira watering can by Klara 2 litre £9.99 available through Amazon or RHS Garden Wisley
  3. Juliette wheelbarrow garden seat £895 from Bouf,

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