Product News: Sowing and growing

by Drucilla James

Wildflower Seed Carpet from Simple Sowing

Check out the latest tools and accessories to make gardening, quicker, easier or just more fun. This month a number of new products are promising to make sowing and growing easier – whether you are cultivating flowers or vegetables.  All products are suitable for the smallest spaces and come just in time for the growing season.

Seed Cubes from Mr Fothergill’s

Seed Cube Display pxIf you want a quick way to go about colour- coordinated gardening then these Seed Cubes in a choice of four different colours – Vibrant Red, Vibrant Yellow, Cool Blue or Cool White  – provide an easy-to-grow mix of different  half-hardy annuals  to sow in your beds, borders or containers.

They are designed to be easy to use – you simply pinch out the pour hole and sprinkle the contents into a prepared area or container.

Price £2.95



GardenPop Instant Veg Kits from Greenhouse Sensation

GardenPop Veg Growing Kit pxIf you have little or no experience of vegetable growing then these Instant Veg Kits are a good way to start. Designed for patios and balconies, they contain everything you need for growing aubergine, green beans and sweet peppers, from seed to harvest.

The seed starter kits and hairy seedling pots are  both made from coconut shell fibre so that the roots can grow through the sides, and then the whole plant, with its pot, can  be popped into the final pot without the need for  transplanting. Being dwarf varieties, no extra supports are needed.

Price £19

Gro-Sure Planting Magic

gro sure planting magic pxGro-Sure Planting Magic is a simple to use all-in-one planting product that can be used with any type of plant to give it the best possible start and to help it grow better throughout the season.

Gro-Sure Planting Magic is a 4 in 1 planting mix which includes water-storing pockets, seaweed and other nutrients both fast-acting and slow-release which continue to work for six months. It is suitable for any plant –trees, shrubs, or bedding for example -and can be used in beds, borders, containers and baskets.

To use, you simply dig the hole for the plant, put the Gro-Sure Planting Magic in the hole and in the soil being used to back-fill and then plant the plant and water.



Wildflower Seed Carpet from Simple Sowing

mixed perennial for bees pxGiven the value of meadows in giving much needed support to pollinators, why not plant a meadow in your garden.

Simple Sowing offers four new meadows to choose from; Mixed Annual Wildflowers; British Special Wildflower Mix; Wild Meadow Mixture for Wetlands; and Mixed Perennial Wildflowers for Bees and what is more makes them really easy to plant as the seeds are pre- sown in seed carpets which also give an even distribution of flowers across the growing area.

To plant your meadow, you simply put the seed carpet on to the soil, cover it with a thin sprinkling of compost and keep it well-watered until it germinates. Flowers will appear 6-8 weeks after sowing, if the carpet is sown in spring.

All the meadow carpets offer a wide range of flowers from June until the end of November and all attract beneficial wildlife.

Price: £7.99 on special offer, usually £9.99

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