Make a Christmas pedestal for indoors or out

by Drucilla James

For a different approach to Christmas decoration this year, our pedestal arrangement will at a stroke transform a room or garden into a festive space.

Things you’ll need

To make our arrangement we used:

  • 9 coloured baubles (use those with a polystyrene core)-we used red/green and green
  • 3 glittering pine cones
  • 6 branches of spruce
  • 2 cone and berry garlands
  • 1 berry garland
  • 2 gold/ coloured  branches
  • 8 blocks of dry oasis
  • 1 container  -the choice of container will control the finished height of the arrangement
  • Green plastic-coated wire
  • Florist’s tape
  • Green sticks

Any combination of dried or artificial materials can be used.

Step by step

Step 1:

Fill the base of the container with a circle of strong cardboard or wood then fill the top third of the container with dry oasis so that it comes about 8 to 10 cms above the top of the container.

Step 2:

Establish the height of the arrangement by placing two gold branches which are about two and a half times the height of the container, in the centre of the pot, two thirds from the front.

Step 3:

Cut from the garlands two lengths about twice the height of the container and place them either side of the gold branches. The garlands can be wired to help support and shape them.

Step 4:

To establish the width of the arrangement, first cut four pieces of spruce observing the proportions described below.  Next place two of them, which are each one and a half times the height of the container, so that there is a spray on each side. Bring out a piece at the front approximately the height of the container and put one piece behind the gold branches approximately twice the height of the container. You can wrap wire round the branches to help shape them.

Step 5:

Add the remaining sections of the garlands to build up a fan shape through the container.

Step 6:

Insert some of the remaining sprays of spruce behind the gold branches and through the arrangement.

Steps 1-6 px

Step 7:

Attach wire to the cones and arrange them as a group of three to one side of the container.

Step 8:

Push slender green sticks into the bases of the baubles and place the first group and then the second through the arrangement as shown

Step 9:

Fill in with spruce to hide any wires or oasis.

And finally:

 Choose a suitable space to display your handiwork.

ped final steps px


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