Christmas decorations to make: a festive window box

by Rhiannon James

Giving the front of your house or flat a festive feel will spread Christmas cheer right down the street. Anything from a simple wreath to an extravaganza of lights will add some sparkle, or you could create this window box which will shine both by day and by night.

Things you’ll need

1. A large window box

2. Mini Christmas trees (tiny white spruces are available from IKEA for £5 each)

3. A selection of festive plants. We used Gaultheria procumbens and white cyclamen

4. Mini baubles

5. Battery-powered outdoor Christmas lights

6. Potting compost

7. Some pieces of clay pot


1. Water your plants well.

2. Place pieces of clay pot over the drainage holes in the base of your window box and then add compost to the point where you’re ready to start planting.

3. Arrange your plants while they’re still in their pots until you get a look you’re happy with.

4. Plant the Christmas trees first, filling around them with compost. Then add the other plants into the gaps, putting any trailing or semi-trailing plants at the edges and fill around with more compost. Water the plants in well.

5. Wrap the lights around the trees and add the baubles.

6. Then place the planter on your window sill or balcony, switch on the lights and enjoy the festivities!



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