The Women’s Land Army marches back into our gardens

by Drucilla James

The charity behind women’s Dig for Victory in two world wars is now helping to support the careers of a new generation of female gardeners with the launch of an online employment bureau.

The Garden Recruitment Network, set up by the Women’s Farm and Garden Association (WFGA) – the organisation founded in 1899 from which the Land Army grew, will enable garden owners, designers, nurseries and maintenance companies to recruit female gardeners who have trained in horticulture and are re-establishing their careers.

The bureau will complement a previous initiative set up in 1993 – the “Women Returners to Amenity Gardening Scheme” (WRAGS) – now regarded as one of the leading horticultural training schemes.

“Because of our gardening training scheme and membership, we can provide unique access to a niche recruitment market,” said Deborah Barber Chairman of the WFGA.

The WFGA was founded to provide education and jobs for women working on the land and became known as the Women’s Land Army during the war years. Famous members of WGFA have included Gertrude Jekyll and Lady Eve Balfour.

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