Seen any of these in a garden near you?


Blackcap: Amy Lewis/BTO; Blue Tit and Goldfinch: John Harding/BTO

As birds return to our gardens en masse for winter, the BTO is recruiting observers to give up-to–the minute info on the thriving, surviving and declining of the ornithological world.

Garden twitchers’ observations showed that an unprecedented number of birds came to our gardens last year– for instance more Blackcaps than ever before. Small birds led the charge back and the current survey is already showing increased use by birds such as Blue Tit, Long-tailed Tit and Goldfinch.

“Our garden birdwatchers provide much needed information on the importance of gardens to birds. Much of this information comes through a dedicated online system, which provides a current snapshot of what is happening in gardens up and down the country,” said Claire Simm from The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Garden BirdWatch.

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Long-tailed Tit Mark R Taylor/BTO

This year, birds have been out in the countryside for longer due to a bumper crop of natural foods, but now the cold weather is bringing them in search of the regular food supplies and the cosier surroundings we gardeners can offer. This is particularly important for the smaller birds who find it harder to keep warm and need the regular garden food supplies to help them do so.

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