New Products: Indoor gardening

by Drucilla James

Check out the latest tools and accessories to make gardening, quicker, easier or just more fun. This month’s  new products are designed to make indoor gardening  a breeze. If you would like to grow decorative and edible plants in your home or office but haven’t got the space, time or knowledge to get started then these fool-proof kits could be for you.

Eco Potagator pxEco Potagator from a short walk

This all-in-one pot and propagator, made from recycled yoghurt pots, comes ready to go with a pack of Suttons basil seeds and peat-free compost.

Price £13.95

Microgreens Windowsill Allotment from Suttons Seeds

window sill allotment 2 px2Micro-greens are picked young, when their flavours are more intense, so they make food tastier and, as they contain more vitamins and nutrients, are good for you as well.

Ready to eat in three weeks, these kits from Suttons provide you with everything you need to grow your own, whether it be Peppery Passion, Twinkle Tendrils, Ruccola Ruffles or any of the other five varieties available.  There is even a recipe to encourage you to use your micro-greens once you’ve grown them.

All you have to do is soak the mat in water, put it in the tray, sprinkle on the seeds, pop on the lid and then remove it when the seeds have germinated  and grown a little,wait and water and then harvest.

Price £3.99 each

Naked Herb Kit from Greenhouse Sensation

Naked Herbs Kit pxThe Naked Herb Kit for window-sills promises home grown herbs in six weeks with no need to transplant the seedlings as the roots will grow through the seed discs and hairy seedling pots; all you need do is to replant into final pots, made from cereal shells, and add compost. Even a beginner should be unable to kill basil, coriander and thyme plants grown like this.

Price £15 complete kit


Click and Grow Smart Flowerpot Starter Kit from 2tech

click and growe 3 pxGrowing with this flowerpot couldn’t be easier -all you have to do is to provide water and batteries and you’re ready to garden; you can then rely on the system to look after the plant.

Painted nettle, basil, cockscomb, mini-tomato, chili pepper, thyme, busy lizzie, lemon balm, coriander, sage, and French marigold can all be grown in these self- watering indoor gardens, which contain cartridges with growth medium, engineered to supply plant roots with oxygen, water and nutrients at the right time, seeds and a microchip.

Cost £79.99

Big Happy Family by Urbio from 2tech

Happy Family_wPlants pxUrbio lets you create your own living wall using a grid of wall-mounted steel plates to which you can attach polypropylene containers to your own design- you can also ring the changes when you fancy something new. Simply lift down your mini-garden when it requires pruning, watering or feeding.


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