Do you own Britain’s best garden or do you know someone who does?


To mark Alan Titchmarsh’s fifty years in horticulture, he’s looking for the thirty best private gardens in Britain. These will be the creations of green-fingered heroes or heroines, who have turned their backyards into amazing spaces filled with wonders, from the outrageous to the jaw-droppingly beautiful, from the grand and opulent to the small and perfectly formed.

These gardens will be featured in a series on prime-time television next year, where it is hoped that gates will be opened on to gardens that are works of art, labours of love, flights of fancy and even feats of engineering.

At the same time the programmes will explore what drives Britain’s greatest amateur gardeners to achieve what they do- whether it be an obsession to get everything right down to the very last detail, a strong creative streak or a desire to work in harmony with nature that is almost therapeutic -or all three or more. Whatever the answer, these will tend to be people whose gardens have changed their lives.

So, no matter what your garden style – whether it be lounging on your own designer -built roof terrace or losing yourself in a secret wildlife garden, why not consider applying to the programme? It couldn’t be easier. Just email with information about the size and location of the garden along with a few photos and your telephone number and email . Or write to Britain’s Best Gardens PO Box 64382 London EC2P 2GJ

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