Community ‘Window Gardens’ open for adoption on London’s South Bank

by Drucilla James

Gardens built from reclaimed windows, which transform from open allotments during the day to illuminated sheds at night, will be springing up at London’s Southbank Centre this month.

Volunteers who live or work locally are being invited to adopt the Queen’s Walk Window Gardens to grow fresh fruit and vegetables. The project, which is part of the Southbank Centre’s Festival of Neighbourhood, has been developed in collaboration with the London-based landscape practice Wayward Plants, which was responsible for creating the Urban Physic Garden in 2011 and the Union Street Urban Orchard in 2010.

Other gardening projects taking place over the summer at the Southbank Centre include the creation of a shade garden on the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden; an avenue of more than 20 mature fruit trees on the Festival Terrace which connects Waterloo with the river and a trail of 60 mini gardens in wheelbarrows.

The festival will also see the return of Jeppe Heine’s Appearing Rooms fountain.

Volunteers can sign up to get involved in the construction of the gardens from 14th to 31st May.

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    What will happen with the old windown frames when these are dismanted?>

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