Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

After 64 years and 267 installments, Kew’s study of East African plants finally complete


Botanical books are often imposing tomes but few are quite as weighty as the Flora of Tropical East Africa (FTEA) – published in 267 parts that take up two metres of shelf space, it is the pinnacle of a 64-year project to document every wild plant species in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and its partners.

London Gardens: Ten of the Best


London is a veritable hot bed of horticulture these days, with thriving community plots, buzzing pop-up parks and colourful guerrilla gardens joining an already rich collection of historic green spaces. Abigail Willis has toured them all for The London Garden Book A-Z out later this month, and has picked out ten of her favourites for The City Planter.