Remix Garden – Remixed


A second show garden has appeared in the courtyard of Oxo Tower Wharf, London.

It is part of the Remix Garden project which is challenging designers to reconceptualise the plant and landscape elements of Wilson McWilliam Studio’s, Chelsea silver-gilt winning, Cloudy Bay Discovery Garden, into new meanings and designs.

Award – winning designer, Anoushka Feiler, has identified ‘Freedom’  as  the starting point for her design  derived from the ’always precious, sometimes scarce’ theme of the original garden ; the idea is signified by the plants breaking  out from the constraints of the hard materials surrounding them – like forces of nature transforming the grey landscapes of the city.

“It is wonderful to be involved in the Remix project not least because it brings different art forms together with garden design at its heart. Creating temporary and permanent garden installations in unexpected places provides an opportunity to push the boundaries of garden design as an art form,” said Anoushka.

The Remix project is designed to show the afterlife potential of RHS show gardens and highlight the RHS Horticultural Matters campaign to attract more young people into the industry. Two further ‘remixes’ will appear  on the current site designed by Matthew Childs and Daniel Lobb and the project will culminate in a fifth version designed by Wilson and McWilliam themselves which will feature in the RHS Shades of Autumn show in October.

“Seeing how the public have interacted with these show gardens has been a real joy. The designers have responded magnificently to what could have been seen as a tricky brief,” enthused Adolfo Harrison, Director of Cityscapes garden festival.

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