Product News: Watering

by Drucilla James

Whitefurze Water Butt 230l

These watering products could be just what is needed by plants parched by this summer’s heat wave.

VersoDiverso2(1) edVerso Diverso designed by Nicolas Le Moigne

Turn any plastic bottle into an eco-watering can with this nifty screw-on cap. The Twist and Sprout comes in a range of colours, costs £9.99 and is available from the Design Museum Shop

Parrot Flower Power

Parrot iPhone App edNot only when to water but all your plants’ needs could be solved by this smart wireless sensor, ideal for beginner gardeners, expert scientists or plant serial killers.

You simply ‘plant’ the sensor close to an individual or collection of plants, indoors or out, and it will monitor and analyse the four essential aspects of plant well-being – soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity.

Every 15 minutes, this data, once recorded by the Parrot Flower Power, will be transferred to your smartphone or tablet via the Flower Power App downloadable from the AppStore. You will then be the happy recipient of regular updates on your plants’ condition and prompted if you need to take action. The App also gives access to a plant library so that you can read all about your prize specimens. If only we had these for humans!

The Parrot Flower Power costs £49.99. List of sellers available on  or obtain from

water butt 100 edWater Butt Kit 100l and 230l from Whitefurze

The roof on a house collects about 85,000 litres of rainwater each year; a water butt allows you to collect this water and look after your garden with a clear conscience.

The Whitefurze kit comes with everything you need to get started including an easily-assembled stand, a diverter (which prevents overflow from the butt), an extended tap making it easier to fill up your watering can and a child-safe lid. It can be installed without any drilling; using the template provided, you just fit the water butt to your downpipe and collect the rain.

The butts are made from recycled materials.

Cost for 230l £54.99 and £37.99 for 100l

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