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by Rhiannon James

Check out the latest tools and accessories to make gardening quicker, easier or just simply more fun. This month: an innovative plant food-making machine, a new range of gardening gloves and a handy garden caddy.

Plant Food Maker

Make green tea with a difference with the help of this nifty gadget which turns kitchen and garden leaf waste into liquid food for your plants. Pop greenery such as left-over lettuce leaves or cut grass into the plunger inside the kit, add water and then pump regularly to add oxygen. After a few weeks, you’ll be rewarded with several litres of concentrated plant food, enriched with the nutrients that were held in the different leaves. Available from December.

The Plant Food Maker costs £19.99,





Joe’s Garden Gloves

This new range aims to make it easy for gardeners to pick the right gloves for the job. There are three styles: a protective glove for tackling tough tasks; a lightweight one for weeding and other delicate jobs; and a general-purpose glove. All three styles have soft nylon liners for a snug fit and there are three sizes to choose from.

Joe’s gloves cost £5.99 per pair,




Burgon & Ball Greenhouse Caddy

If you’re fed up of hunting around for labels or bits of twine, then you could try keeping your gardening essentials in this useful caddy.

The greenhouse caddy costs £16.95,







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