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by Rhiannon James

RainPerfect Solar-Powered Water Pump

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RainPerfect Solar-Powered Water Pump

Even though we’re well into autumn, the recent spell of hot weather has meant there’s still been plenty of watering to do. Using a water butt is cheaper and much more environmentally-friendly than heading for the tap, and the RainPerfect system now makes it just as convenient too. Powered by solar energy, the pump generates enough pressure to run a hose or a low pressure garden sprinkler directly from a butt. The system is easy to install and can pump up to 378 litres of water on a single charge (it takes approximately eight hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery).

The RainPerfect solar-powered pump costs £88.22,





Maxi-Fleece and pop-up Frost Cloche

Winter’s not far away so it’s worth stocking up on some protection for your more delicate plants. Instead of struggling with a roll of fleece and bits of string, you could try these Frost Cloches, which can be popped over plants whenever cold weather threatens. They are made from 70gsm, breathable fleece which will protect plants to about -6°C and come with four ground spikes for use in borders.

The Frost Cloche is available in two sizes: large, £9.99 and jumbo, £12.99

The Maxi-Fleece has been designed especially for containers and protects both pot and plant, helping to prevent frozen roots as well as foliage damage. It is made using 100gsm fleece which will shield plants to -8°C whilst still allowing sunlight and air to penetrate.

The Maxi-Fleece is available in three sizes: medium, £6.99, large, £9.99 and jumbo, £12.99.

The products will be available from November from Charlies Direct,, The Gardener’s Friend and Harrod Horticultural,

Burgon & Ball Spades

Autumn is a good time to move any plants that are in the wrong place and to divide perennials to keep them healthy and vigorous. Burgon & Ball has a new tool for each job. The Transplanting Spade has a long, narrow blade to protect roots when working in densely-planted flower beds and the Perennial Spade has a pointed end to make it easier to divide plants. Burgon & Ball’s stainless steel tools have also now been endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society and come with a ten-year guarantee.

The Transplanting Spade costs £39.95 and the Perennial Spade is £19.95,




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