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by Rhiannon James

Check out the latest tools and accessories to make gardening quicker, easier or just simply more fun.

Bosch ALB 18 LI Leaf Blower

Autumn has arrived and along with misty mornings and the scent of damp earth, there’ll soon be mounds of fallen leaves to clear off lawns and paths. One way to make this job a bit easier and a lot more fun is to invest in a leaf blower. Bosch’s new cordless ALB 18 LI model which is powered by a removable 18V lithium-ion battery, weighs only 1.8kg and can produce up to a 210km/hour jet of air for up to ten minutes per charge (charging time is three and a half hours). It also has a removable nozzle for easy storage.

The Bosch ALB 18 LI Leaf Blower costs £89.99,

Bosch KEO Garden Saw

For those jobs which are between pruning and lopping, Bosch is launching the lithium-ion KEO garden saw which can cut through branches up to 8cm thick. Weighing less than a kilogram, the saw has an A-Grip hook to hold branches in place and a soft grip handle so it’s easy and comfortable to use one-handed. The cutting speed can also be varied to suit each particular job.

The Bosch KEO Garden Saw costs £89.99,

Wheelbarrow Booster

If you’ve got big piles of garden debris to move this autumn, instead of resigning yourself to endless trips up and down the garden with your barrow, you could try a new product called the Wheelbarrow Booster. Simple but effective, the Booster fits around a standard wheelbarrow’s pan, increasing its capacity by up to three times. And just as handily, when it’s not in use, you can store it away in a cupboard.

The Wheelbarrow Booster is currently available for an introductory price of £17.99,


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