Pick of the crop

by Rhiannon James

Pair of stackable wooden apple trays, £39.99 from Crocus, www.crocus.co.uk

Make the most of autumn’s fruitfulness with this selection of tools and accessories for picking, storing and feasting.


Picking’s easy-peasy with these handy tools.

1. Apple picker, £10 from Garden Trading, www.gardentrading.co.uk

2. Harvest basket, €26.20 from Botanique Éditions, www.botaniqueeditions.com

3. Wire harvest baskets, small £14.95, medium £17.95 and large £20.95 from Garden Boutique, www.gardenboutique.co.uk

4. Kitchen scissors by Hay, £5, available in December from SCP, www.scp.co.uk

5. Potato harvesting scoop, £14.95 from Burgon & Ball, www.burgonandball.com

6. Vegetable harvesting knife, £9.95 from Burgon & Ball, www.burgonandball.com

7. Apple Wizard for collecting windfall apples, £49.99 from Crocus, www.crocus.co.uk


Store your surplus in style and you’ll have produce aplenty to see you through the cold months to come.

1. Wire basket, £10, available in November from RE, www.re-foundobjects.com

2. Arbre d’hiver, €70 from Botanique Éditions, www.botaniqueeditions.com

3. Half-size hessian potato sacks for easy lifting and storing, £1.50 each from Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens, www.nutleyskitchengardens.co.uk

4. Four-drawer apple store, £125 from Garden Trading, www.gardentrading.co.uk

5. Vintage crates, £20 each from Hen & Hammock, www.henandhammock.co.uk


Turn the fruits of your labour into a feast with these nifty kitchen gadgets and accessories.

1. Glass storage / preserving jar (1 litre), £3.50 from Heal’s, www.heals.co.uk

2. Wooden toffee apple sticks, £4.95 from Burgon & Ball, www.burgonandball.com

3. Maslin pan, £60, aluminium jam funnel, £5, long-handled jam spoon £4.50 and jam thermometer, £6.50 from John Lewis www.johnlewis.com

4. Herb dryer, £25 from Nether Wallop Trading Co, www.netherwalloptrading.com

5. Apple master for peeling, coring and slicing apples, £14.29 from Lakeland, www.lakeland.co.uk

6. 12 litre spindle grape and fruit press, £159.95 from Harrod Horticultural, www.harrodhorticultural.com

7. Opinel mushroom knife and brush, £25 from Divertimenti, www.divertimenti.co.uk

8. Chestnut roaster, £30 from Hen & Hammock, www.henandhammock.co.uk

1. Veggichop hand-powered blender, £19.99 from Firebox.com, www.firebox.com

2. Apple cooker gift set, £19.99 from Lakeland, www.lakeland.co.uk

3. Palm peeler, £4.60 from Divertimenti, www.divertimenti.co.uk

4. Presso storage jar (1 litre), £13.50 from Bodum, www.bodum.com

5. Bistro electric juicer, £55 from Bodum, www.bodum.com

6. Takeya fruit infusion jug, £24.99 from Firebox.com, www.firebox.com



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