Outdoor cinema heads for the hot tub

by Rhiannon James

credit: Hot Tub Cinema

Hot tubs have always been at the glitzier end of garden accessories but now the full Hollywood experience is on offer with the launch of the Hot Tub Cinema.

At this latest al fresco film experience, which opens tomorrow, the audience are invited to throw on their swimwear and watch movies from the warmth of eight-person hot tubs on a rooftop in East London.

“Hot Tub Cinema first began privately about seven years ago. Since then it has grown in increments, reaching the stage of three hot tubs in our back garden in Stoke Newington about 18 months ago, at which point we realised it was time to find a new home for Hot Tub Cinema,” Creative Director Asher Charman says.

The cinema will run monthly throughout the rest of the summer on the roof of Netil House in Hackney, which has panoramic views out over the city, and films will be followed by a DJ.

For those who are not keen to jump in the tubs, there are romper suits and a traditional yurt to relax in.

credit: Hot Tub Cinema

According to Asher, the idea for the cinema has been bubbling away since he was a student. “I bought our first hot tub during my final year of university.”

“The genesis of Hot Tub Cinema came roughly six months later – we already had the constituent parts – the hot tub, a second-hand projector, and a passion for film. One evening we decided we wanted to do both – use the tub and watch a movie. So I decided to point the projector out of the kitchen window, on to a bed sheet hung on the washing line, whilst we all enjoyed a soak in the tub! The result was unanimous – we have to do this again! In the intervening six years we’ve purchased an increasing number of new tubs (currently 12), upgraded our projector, and worked tirelessly to find the perfect venue to share our unique experiences,” he says.

The Hot Tub cinema launches on Saturday 7th July at Netil360. Private tubs are £25 per head (£200 per tub split between eight attendees) and general entry tickets (including access to shared tubs) are £22. It’s BYO but there is a soft bar and food available. The choice of film is a surprise, www.hottubcinema.com




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