New product: FishPlant


If you fancy taking your veg patch to the next level, how about growing your own fish suppers? Aquaponics, where plants and fish are cultivated together, is a favourite with adventurous urban farms and now it’s possible to have a go at home. The FishPlant family unit will fit in a small garden, a greenhouse or on a terrace and once set up, will provide not only salads, herbs and leafy vegetables but also a regular supply of fish to eat such as tilapia or carp. Raising the two together benefits both: the crops take up food and fluid from the tank (fish waste is converted to nutrients the plants need by beneficial microbes) while cleansing the water for the fish. The package includes full build instructions and an operation guide.

The FishPlant Family Unit costs £599.99, visit for more information and stockist details.



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