New orchid store opens in London

by Rose Crompton

Orchid lovers can now get their floral fix in central London with the opening of a specialist florist in Bloomsbury.

The new shop, Orchidya, brims with orchids of all shades and sizes and can also supply rare blooms such as ‘Orchid Queen’, a ‘waterfall’ type Phalaenopsis that can grow to a metre tall, have up to 26 cascading flowers and costs up to £300.

The shop is owned by a Taiwanese company that has a 30,000 square metre orchid nursery in Lincolnshire as well as bases in Taiwan, China, Thailand and France.

The company breeds their own orchids, many of which are available through the shop. “We are able to create orchids as small as 6cm, or as tall as two metres, which is really big,” explains store manager, Sophie Lee. “There are also colours we can create that are often difficult to find elsewhere. The most common orchid colours are pinks, purples and white, but we can create Vanda orchids in rarer shades such as dark purple, orange or burgundy, or Phalaenopsis in yellow, red or even green.”

The company’s orchids have made their way into high society with plants being supplied to the Dubai royal family and to last year’s big event – the Royal Wedding.

You don’t need to have the bank account of a princess though to be able to afford an Orchidya orchid, with single plant prices starting from £16 for a 9cm Phalaenopsis.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am-7pm and Saturday, 10am-5pm. For more information, visit



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    Can I buy an orchid from you and have it delivered on Thursday in London?

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