More new gardening programmes to hit our screens


Makers of recent popular TV gardening programmes are seeking volunteers for two new series.

The first, “Garden Republic” breaks new ground by featuring community gardening as its theme and is calling for volunteer home-owners to take down their fences and transform their own private gardens into one inspiring communal space. The series, to be made by the makers of The Big Allotment Challenge, will follow a group of neighbours as they create the garden of their dreams – be it rose garden, fruit orchard or children’s play area – with the help of a mystery gardening celebrity.

If you would like to work together to create one dream garden find out more by calling Victoria or Felicity on 0207 907 3470 or emailing:

Meanwhile Outline Productions, the makers of The Great British Garden Revival, are seeking competitors for a prime time TV show “Welcome to My Garden” which like the recently announced Alan Titchmarsh series, will set out to find Britain’s best gardens. The producers hope to showcase some of the most stunning, imaginative and unique gardens across the country from tranquil retreats and tropical paradises to prize-winning vegetable plots and national plant collections. Intending contributors will also need to be prepared to compare and critique other gardens.

For more information and to learn how to apply call 0207 424 7645 0r email:

2014 has seen a big increase in gardening on TV and the trend looks set to continue. Asked why so much more gardening at the moment, programme makers point to the British affection for gardening; the trend for healthy eating coupled with the desire to know where our food comes from; and also the sheer pleasure to be had from watching things grow.

“Witnessing the incredible journey  of seeing something grow from seed to a  delicious vegetable or bulb to a beautiful flower … there is nothing quite like it, it’s a chance to marvel at the power of nature in many ways, “ said Victoria Howarth Casting Producer Silver River.

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