Make a moss sculpture

by Drucilla James

Image courtesy Akuppa John Wigham

Why not try making a living sculpture from moss to add something a little different to your garden. While we tried out rabbit modelling you can create any shape that takes your fancy and get the kids involved too.

Things you’ll need

  • Plastic sheeting to work on;
  • Clay – we used clay dug from the garden or you can use potter’s clay;
  • Moss – you may be able to collect this from your garden or otherwise obtain it from gardening centres or florists. We used sphagnum moss but  you could try other varieties;
  • Small pliers and light wire;
  • Metal strips;
  • Gloves.

Step by step

  • Dig out the clay if using from the garden.
  • Soak the moss.
  • Form a ball of clay to make the rabbit’s body to the size you want – model it with wet hands squeezing to avoid air pockets and fractures.
  • Roll out a tube to an appropriate size to make a leg. Insert a metal strip into the body and attach the leg to the protruding metal.
  • Repeat this process for the other leg.
  • Form a separate piece of clay to make the head to a shape and size appropriate to the body.
  • Insert the metal strip into the body and press the head on to the piece which protrudes.
  • With wet hands mould the joint together.


first rabbit

  • Using stiff wire form upright wire ear shapes and insert one into the head. Press two tubes of clay either side of the wire and make into an ear shape.
  • Repeat for the other ear.
  • With wet hands smooth off to mould the final shape.
  • Form a roll of clay and mould at the back of the body to form a tail.
  • Take ‘chunks’ of green moss, flatten and apply to the clay body and pin down, using thin garden wire made into ‘hairpins’

making rabbit 2

  • Continue until all the clay is covered with moss.
  • Trim any protruding pieces with scissors – ie give it a haircut.
  • Place on piece of slate, plyboard etc and try out the best position in your garden.
  • Water regularly especially when first formed so that the moss will root into its clay base. Misting is helpful.

photoshop rabbit4

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