Go on the Golden Tulip Hunt

by Rhiannon James

That's the ticket!

Forget the Easter eggs, join in with a tulip-themed treasure hunt which started in London today.

Prizes of a trip to Holland for two and a month’s supply of fresh tulips can be won by using clues posted on Twitter and Facebook to find golden tickets hidden in six venues around London.

There are ten Golden Tulip Tickets which will entitle the finders to a bouquet each week for a month and one Golden Trip Ticket which includes a visit to Keukenhof, a garden famous for its spring bulb displays, and a two night stay in Amsterdam.

Three clues for each venue will be posted at twitter.com/FlowerBulbsUK and at facebook.com/FlowerBulbsUK . As soon as treasure hunters have used their powers of deduction to work out the location, they have to rush there and declare, “I’m looking for some golden tulips” to get a ticket. The first participants to arrive will be the winners.

The Golden Tulip Hunt runs until Thursday 21st April and has been organised in collaboration with the International Flower Bulb Centre and LBC Radio.





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