In a pickle at the Gherkin

by Rhiannon James

The world of finance might be in a bit of a mess right now but city workers are getting into a different sort of pickle outside the Gherkin in the City of London today.

Artists’ collective Avant Gardening are teaching bankers about the vinegary art and helping them to make their own personal pickling mix at their Pickle Prescription Parlour outside the London landmark, as part of the City Of London Festival.

Paul Green, project manager at Avant Gardening explains: “We will be encouraging people to smell and taste different spices and to pick a pickle mix that they feel complements their personality, in a very fun way. We will also be looking at some of the folkloric stories behind spices and their usage in medicines. So, for example, a person that feels they need a bit more energy may be prescribed a bit more chilli in their prescription.”

Visitors to the parlour will then be able to name their mix and take a pack of it away with them, along with some cucumbers ready for pickling.

The Pickle Prescription Parlour, outside 30 St Mary Axe, will be open until 6pm today,,




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