Heatherwick’s designs for a London “Garden Bridge” revealed

by Drucilla James

crerdit: Heatherwick Studio

A pedestrian bridge in the form of a country garden walk has been proposed by Thomas Heatherwick, designer of the Olympic Cauldron, in response to a commission from Transport for London.

The fan-vaulted bridge on its twin fluted columns, will be planted with trees, grasses and wild flowers.

“This garden will be sensational in every way: a place with no noise or traffic where the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water. It will be the slowest way to cross the river, as people will dawdle and lean on parapets and stare at the great cityscapes all around,” said Joanna Lumley  who has worked  with Heatherwick  on the designs and who has been an enthusiastic advocate of a garden bridge for many years.

Heatherwick Studio is now working with Arup to develop the plans for the £60 million project linking Temple to just east of the Southbank Centre.The eventual construction of the bridge will be dependent on raising cash from private sponsors.

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