Go batty -Bat Conservation Trust invites you to make Halloween more than a fright night



This Halloween, the Bat Conservation Trust is inviting us to give money to reclaim the night for real bats rather than buy their paper or plastic surrogates which appear at this time of year.

Bats, it seems, differ greatly from their ghoulish image – they drink water rather than blood- and even the three vampire bat species (out of a total of 1200) are really altruistic creatures ready to give up their food to strangers.

Bat-adapted plants give us a range of essential products from balsa wood to bananas and even chewing gum. Unique, as the only flying mammals in the world, bats play an essential role in the environment particularly in spreading seed and regulating the insect population – including reducing the numbers of those real blood-suckers , the mosquitoes.

Bat populations have suffered a severe decline caused by a range of threats not least the loss of habitats; funding raised is being used to support the Trust’s work in researching and improving the conditions in which bats can flourish

 For further details see: www.bats.org.uk/

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