Get into the garden spirit


Visiting a garden is one thing but if you really want to drink in the spirit of the place, it’s worth looking out for a new peripatetic cocktail bar.

The Gin Garden travels to green places in London, serving cocktails made with fruit, herbs and flowers foraged from the beds and borders.

“We want to create the most local drinks possible, so wherever we pop up around London, we’ll take gin produced nearby and enhance it with the available botanicals to create a bespoke menu for the site,” says Jo Farish who runs the Gin Garden with friend and colleague Edi Whale.

“We want to go to loads of unexpected green spaces in London: community gardens, museum gardens, anywhere there isn’t normally a bar.”

At the Gin Garden’s first appearance, at the Apple Day at Fenton House in Hampstead, London last weekend, the menu included martinis made with apples from the historic house’s 300-year-old orchard and French Lavender 75, a concoction of gin, sparkling wine, lavender picked from the flower beds and honey from the garden’s hive. The gin came from a microdistillery based two miles away from the garden.

When greenery is a little bit lacking, the bar’s owners will even bring the garden with them, creating a lush landscape with potted plants, and perhaps a few artfully-arranged chairs and lanterns.

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