Chelsea Physic Garden to host Superfood Summer


credit: Chelsea Physic Garden / Charlie Hopkinson

Everything from acai berries to adzuki beans have been touted as the latest superfood but a new display at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London is promising to reveal which plants can truly lay a claim to the title.

The planted display will include delicious exotics such as carob, coconut and quinoa but also homegrown heroes such as beetroot, apple and kale – all so packed with nutrients that they could almost be considered medicines. They will be growing amongst the garden’s mature superfood plants including a huge pomegranate tree, the world’s most northerly outdoor grapefruit and Britain’s largest outdoor fruiting olive.

The planting will be accompanied by panels and guided tours which will reveal how easy many of these superfoods are to grow.

There will also be a programme of walks, talks and workshops running alongside the exhibition with speakers including James Wong, Joy Larkcom and Mark Diacono. Alex Mitchell will also be reading extracts and answering questions from her new book “The Rurbanite”.

Chelsea Physic Garden is London’s oldest botanical garden and has a rich food history. Newly-introduced edibles from around the world were grown in the garden in the eighteenth century and it’s thought that rhubarb forcing was first discovered there.

For more details of the programme running from April to September visit

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