Celebrate National Plants at Work Week

by Drucilla James

credit: eFig

If you’re the sort of person who usually finds the plant you bought for your office desk withered and dehydrated behind the computer screen, perhaps this is the time to get engaged with National Plants at Work Week.

From 8th-12 July, the importance of plants in the workplace will be highlighted by eFIG – the European Federation of Interior Landscape Groups – who will be leaving plants in iconic places around London and running an online campaign.

“We have an innate need to connect with nature so when we spend the majority of our time in an office or other workplace the simplest solution is to bring plants indoors. Add to that the fact plants make us feel good, help to de-stress us and also improve productivity and creativity, they are a positive and worthwhile investment,” said eFIG’s Coll Smith.

Get involved by joining in the #plantsatworkweek conversations on Twitter at 11.00am each day or by sending in a picture of the quirkiest plant in your office via Twitter or Facebook

You can even pick up some tips on how best to care for your plants and allow them to thrive in the future.

For further details see website: www.efig.eu.com/

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