One For The Weekend

Scented flowers for evening bowers

by Drucilla James

During the working week, many of us only get to enjoy our gardens in the evenings, so why not create a place to make the most of this time?

Grow your own mini edible knot garden

by Rhiannon James

Micro greens are a great way to grow your own even if you’ve only got space indoors. These diminutive versions of herbs and leaves such as basil, rocket and mizuna may be small in stature but pack a big punch of flavour when added to a dish.

Homemade beauty: bath soak and body scrub


When it comes to bathing and beauty, what could be more satisfying than luxuriating in soaks, melts and scrubs you’ve made yourself? You can use the best natural ingredients and, with the help of a few harvests from the garden, capture the essence of the season too.

Heather heaven: plant a winter mini meadow

by Rhiannon James

Moors and heaths come to life with a flush of flowering heathers in late summer and with a small selection of plants, you can get the same richly-coloured effect in a container through the autumn and winter and into the spring.

Make a floral bowl of ice

by Rhiannon James

Summer tableware doesn’t come much cooler than a flower bowl made of ice. With blooms from the garden frozen in its walls, it’s a pretty way to serve ice creams, sorbets and super-cold drinks. Make one big bowl for the table or, if you’re feeling like a challenge, you could make individual ice cream cup creations for each guest.

Make a tasty table decoration

by Rhiannon James

If you’re throwing a jubilee or Olympic-themed party this summer, why not make some table decorations fit for a feast? Fill a planter with fruit, veg and edible flowers in Union Jack shades and you’ll have a centrepiece that’s truly British and tasty too!

How to make a planter

by Rhiannon James

Big containers have many advantages over smaller ones: they can be used for a wider range of plants; they need watering less often and they make more of an impact. The downside is they’re expensive. You can have big planters without the price tag though if you make them yourself. Wooden containers are fairly straightforward to build and you’ll be able to make them in exactly the right dimensions to fit your space.

Make a hanging tool tidy

by Rhiannon James

Storing your gardening tools away in the shed is all very well if you have one. But if you’re gardening on a terrace, balcony or other small plot, chances are that your kit is stuffed into corners of the living room or other inconvenient places. There is a solution though – make this nifty tool tidy! It hangs on the wall to save on space and you can go as calm or as crazy as you like with the colours.

Create your own Christmas tree

by Rhiannon James

Apparently, we can’t get enough of Christmas trees these days and one in the house is just not enough. But if you’d like to add something new to your Nordmanns, why not try making your own Christmas tree creation, using real spruce or fir. Make it in whatever size and shape works, perhaps to fit an awkward space or smaller room, and finish with a splash of this season’s oh-so-hot Nordic style.