Aquaponics Centre to be launched by Kate Humble


Credit: Aquaponics UK

Wales’ first ever aquaponics centre is to be launched by  TV presenter, Kate Humble at her farm near Monmouth, in partnership with the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens.

It is hoped  the system, once installed, will produce around 250 kgs of fish a year and 30 kgs of vegetables a week and will provide a model for community food production for the future.

Aquaponics involves cultivating fish and plants together,with plants taking up water, along with  nutrients from fish waste converted by beneficial microbes, and  in turn purifying the water ready to pump back into the fish tanks.

The energy-efficient system, to be installed in a ground-breaking solar greenhouse which extends the growing season without  the need for additional heating, is the brainchild of scientists Charlie Price and Becky Bainbridge of Aquaponics UK.

“We have seen a growing interest in aquaponics over the last few years,” said Katie Jones, FCFCG’s Wales Development Manager. ”This is a great opportunity to share expertise and knowledge on aquaponics with communities in Wales and explore whether it can provide a genuine solution to food security.” 

Kate Humble’s, Humble by Nature, is an education centre based on a working farm which runs rural skills courses and showcases different ways to achieve more sustainable ways of living – with much of the farm being run on renewable energy and biomass.


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  1. Nathan Potts

    Dear Kate Humble,

    I am working with a team of 13 young People. The team are studying a level one certificate while they carry out the practical elements of our Aquaponics Enterprise.

    We are working on automating the system with the help of a electronic engineer and a software architect.

    Ultimately we plan to install the system in

    You are welcome to visit the site. We are based in Plymouth.

    It would be fantastic if we could find
    Any synergy to support endeavours?

    Kindest regards,

    Nathan Potts
    M: 07549 379 712
    T: 01822 841 733

  2. Rowena

    Very interested in your first Wales aquaponic centre but sorry to tell you that we have been running an aquaponic centre here on Anglesey for the last six years, selling trout and vegetables, as well as running courses for students to set up systems here in the UK and in Africa,South America and the Indian sub-continent. If we can give any advice please contact us.

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