A new kind of Riverdance seeks volunteers


Dancing through parks and gardens in South London, over 100 performers carrying water in buckets, bottles and pipes  will guide audiences through Siobhan Davies Dance’s “Routes to the River” on its journey  from the Studios to the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Gardens overlooking the Thames.

The dance will pass through a guerrilla-gardened pedestrian crossing, a churchyard, the park surrounding the Imperial War Museum and Waterloo Millennium Green, as it explores our relationship with water and the patterns it creates as it flows, trickles and splashes to its destination. A sound installation by James Hynes will introduce the work.

The Company are inviting groups/individuals with connections to local green spaces including guerrilla gardeners, friends of parks, conservators, to get involved in this commission for the national dance festival, Big Dance 2014. Volunteers will gain an insight into the process of creating a site-specific performance work in conversation with choreographer Henrietta Hale and will also be involved on the day.

Key times and dates are 3rd July, 5-7pm; 6th July and 13th July – the performance date.

For more information or to sign up email Janineh@siobhandavies.com

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